Jasmine Collins


3Dmol.js: A tool for fast and accessible molecular visualization

In my time working on 3Dmol, I've added several user-requested features to the library. See all of my contributions on GitHub. Below are a few examples of the functionality I've contributed. All of the viewers are interactive so feel free to click/drag, zoom and rotate them!

1. Symmetry support
Given an asymmetric unit and appropriate transformation matrices, we can build the full biological assembly
2. Ability to style symmetric units differently
The symmetries of a model can be explicitly set by the user and styled differently to highlight repeating units
3. Unit cell
Using unit cell angles and lengths (PDB derived), we can create the unit cell for a specified molecule
4. Multiple-model support and animation
Multimodel files can be animated forward, backward, and back and forth and duration of animation can easily be set

Me demoing 3Dmol on an iPad at the 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition in San Diego, CA (March 2016)!


The poster (click to enlarge):